History of Industry and Railroads in Lowell

     By Ron Karr

    The fortunes of Lowell, Massachusetts and the region’s railroads rose and fell together. Only eight years after Lowell was founded in 1822 to exploit the waterpower of the Merrimac River, the Boston & Lowell Railroad was chartered to connect the town to Boston.

    One of New England’s earliest railroads, the Boston & Lowell prospered by hauling materials into the cotton mills and taking out finished cloth. Traffic grew after the Civil War as both railroad and mills converted to coal-fired steam power and both reached their peaks early in the twentieth century, the Boston & Lowell now part of the vast Boston & Maine system. But by the start of World War II the mills had shifted much of their production southward and the railroads had gone bankrupt as much of their traffic went to trucks, buses, and above all, the automobile. The postwar revival of Massachusetts’s economy was fired by high tech manufacturing and services, neither of which provided much traffic for the railroads, which became largely a service for commuters or the rights-of-way for recreational trails.

Making an Origami Wreath/Pinwheel

     By Rosemary Mezzocchi

    Make an Origami wreath that turns into a movable pinwheel and back to a wreath. The clinician will provide all materials for this project. Come join in on the fun.

Bonus project: You must bring a crisp $1.00 bill that you will turn into a bow tie.

Limit 15 people   

Making an Origami Cube

    By Rosemary Mezzocchi

    Clinician will show and guide you in making an Origami cube. The clinician will provide all the materials required for this project. Come join in on the fun.

Bonus project: You must bring a crisp $1.00 bill that you will turn into a bow tie.

Limit 15 people


What's Up at NMRA National Today?

        By John Doehring

    Join NMRA President, Gordy Robinson (via Zoom), former NER President and current NMRA Eastern Director, John Doehring, and NMRA Marketing Consultant, Christina Zambri as they bring members up to speed on old and new activities and initiatives. During the clinic, they will also take questions from the membership.

How to Market & Grow Your Division/Region

  By Christina Zambri

    Gain new ideas on how to better market and promote your Division (or Region) and improve member experiences. Topics include the benefits of membership, welcoming new members, incorporating a mentorship/buddy system, monitoring reports, doing more with social media/online presence, proper communication, working with local media, proper booth management, and

overcoming special circumstances such as geography, elderly members and periods of less face-to-face interaction.